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Are you ready to make a real, lasting impact on the South Platte River? Join our Monthly Donor Program now and be a part of our journey toward a cleaner, greener, and more accessible river for all.

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Join the FrOG Family Today!

Our Monthly Donor Program is a vital part of our commitment to the South Platte River. With your continued support, we can accomplish even greater feats in the coming year.

The Greenway Foundation continues to "Revitalize Rivers and Reconnect Communities" by engaging in river enhancement projects, providing environmental education, youth volunteer and employment opportunities, putting on numerous community events, and participating in water resources and water policy that increases the health and vitality of the South Platte River watershed.

Become a Friend of Greenway by signing up for a recurring monthly donation to The Greenway Foundation! Support all of the projects and programs you love, while providing us with financial stability. Your monthly gift can help send a child to summer camp or on a field trip, or continue to improve all of our urban waterways.


January 12 - Last day to become a FrOG and receive priority registration

**If you become a FrOG after 1/12, you will not be eligible for priority registration for summer camp 2024

January 29 - Registration opens for Creek Crusaders & River Rescuers

January 31 - Registration opens for Stream Savers

February 2 - Registration opens for Water Warriors

February 5 - Registration CLOSES for all FrOG donors

**No camps can be added to registrations between 2/5 and 2/12 in order to give the Camp Team time to process the large volume of registrations.

February 12 - Registration opens to the public

For all above registration dates, you will receive an email with a link to registration at 8am MST.

Additional FrOG Level Benefits:

WATER WARRIORS (Monthly gift of $5 - $19)

  • New FrOG sticker/
  • Invite to our networking event
  • Early event registration for Stewardship Days

STREAM SAVERS (Monthly gift of $19.74 - $50)

  • All Water Warriors benefits +
  • 1 day early access to camp registration
  • VIP @ Crosscurrents
  • 1 entry in recurring seasonal raffle

CREEK CRUSADER (Monthly Gift Of $51 - $79)

  • All Stream Savers benefits +
  • 1 week early access to camp registration
  • VIP with +1 @ Crosscurrents
  • Screen-printed native plants bandana
  • 2 entries in recurring seasonal raffle
  • Invite with +1 to our networking event

RIVER RESCUERS (Monthly Gift Of $80+)

  • All Creek Crusaders benefits +
  • TGF Swag Bag
  • 5 entries in recurring seasonal raffle

Your Donation Is Tax-Deductible.

The Greenway Foundation is a participant in the Colorado Enterprise Zone. Donations $250 and over qualify for a 25% Colorado income tax credit on your tax return.